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You have just discovered the most extensive water for gas conversion kit review site around. We not do a written review we also purchased the water for gas conversion manual and made a Video Tour to better help you understand the power of just what is being offered.  There has been a lot of news lately about how to make your car run on water. The best water for gas information provider is currently www.simplehybridsystem.com/. (LESS THAN $30.00!) (Updated for 2015) These sites offer the technology to help you to convert your car to run on water or rather hydrogen fuel from water known as HHO or Hydroxy. This water for gas technology has been a proven technology for many years, but prior to now this process was usually expensive and hard to find. That is until now.

Certainly, if you are not aware of the technology in how to convert your car to run on water by now, you soon will be. Whether you are just looking for tips to save money, make your car run better, or to lower your carbon emissions, than you are certainly searching along the right path. It may sound too good to be true but it is. You can be sure that people like you and I are now performing water to gas conversions, helping engines run at their highest efficiency! In fact, there has been literally thousands of successful water gas conversions made to automobiles around the world! Of interest, is that industry insiders say that in just few short years this water for gas system will be standard on all new vehicles. BMW has one but they store the hydrogen, this system is hydrogen on demand!  So it is not only more efficient but safer as well!  They estimate that most cars will be using this or fully electric technology by 2020, but until the automakers catch up, you can start using this technology today!

The sad truth is that this simple yet effective technology is more than 90 years old. The benefits of water powered cars are equal to none, yet most people are still not aware of it. This is because the technology was not promoted in spite of its simplicity and effectiveness.  Why?  Well if auto fuel economy around the world increases, like it is right now, those who sell oil loose out, right?  This is why finding ways to save gas has been on the minds of people for decades, but with little results. People are desperate; they are searching for things to help them to make their car run on water. 

I love this stuff. I converted my car to run on water and on a friend’s car as well. I installed it on his 1982 GMC conversion van (350 engine) that got a max of 12 MPG HWY. I installed a 4 pack (4 Electrolyzers) and it increased the mpg to about to 17 mpg HWY. That’s pretty good for that van with the raised roof and all. See the picture of the 2 pack that I installed on my 1990 Lexus below?  That took it up to 29.88 MPG HWY, that’s pretty good for a V8. The reduction in emissions was VERY noticeable. From stinky to being able to cup my hands to the tail pipe and sniff, you hardly smell anything. That is why I love the HybridWaterPower.com water car conversion kit!

Think what a change to both finances and the environment it would make if all of us had a car that ran on water. Generating hydroxy gas from water requires a comparatively small amount of electricity from your car’s electrical system so as to turn a small quantity of water (1 liter of H2O contains 1800 liters of Hydrogen!) into a clean energy source that can help save the planet and save you a bundle. 



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My Lexus LS 400 
(With Old Style Electrolyzers - notice the larger hoses and trap door check valve upper left)

water4gas 2 pack converson


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